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OPTEX People Tracking Sensors


High-speed People Counting Sensor

Simply, quickly and accurately count the number of people that visit your building, facility or event using the AIO VC-1020 People Count Sensor. The VC-1020 is more than 95% accurate, and thus one of the most reliable people-counting sensors on the market.

Accurance 3D

Anti-Tailgating, Anti-Piggybacking System

High-risk security situations do not leave any margin for error, thus requiring intricate security procedures designed to ensure safety and piece of mind. The Accurance 3D set has been created specifically with this in mind. This system includes a control box (A3001CB) and up to two Time Of Flight Sensors (A3001S). This set combines several security tasks to prevent tailgating and piggy backing and provides secured passage from an open area to a secured area.


Exit Lane Breach Control

The OPTEX Accurance One-Way Traffic Sensor detects and reports people moving the wrong way through a secured area. Utilizing its unique Virtual 3D technology, the R-1001 can improve security where two-way traffic is not allowed.