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OPTEX Low Energy Activation/Reactivation Door Sensors


Active Infrared Presence Sensor for Multiple Door Types

The OA-Edge series from OPTEX is a line of door-mounted presence sensors utilizing Infrared Triangulation Technology. This sensor system can be used for Low Energy and Full Power Swing Doors as well as revolving and folding doors. Unique LED indicator displays sensor status on the outside of the housing which improves feedback during set-up and use. Increase safety and reliability with the OA-Edge Series from OPTEX.


Combination Slide Door Sensor

With Activation and Safety detection in one unit, the OPTEX OA-203C is two sensors in one. Fast installation and service, and laser-sharp Active Infrared Technology are just a few of OA-203C's benefits. Its versatile detection area solves problems caused by narrow vestibules and 'ghosting'. Wiring is simple with our new plug-in wiring harness. The OPTEX OA-203C is the optimal choice for both safety and activation on all types of automatic doors. It combines easily adjustable settings with a slim design, providing maximum safety in a wide array of applications.


Flush-mounted Active Infrared Safety Sensor

The OPTEX OA-70C is a ceiling mount type infrared sensor for automatic doors. Its stylish design and flexible detection area setting fit to any entrance.The OA-70C has the ability to detect the presence of a person or object within its field of view. Thus, keeping the door open anytime someone is near. The presence timer can be adjusted for 2, 30 or 60 seconds. In addition, snow mode is built-in to add stability in locations where the sensor is exposed to harsh environments.


Active Infrared Door Sensor with Built-in Touchless Switch

For Knowing Act Slide Door applications, the Air-Slide provides safety and convenience in one unit. The Air-Slide Active Infrared Door Sensor from OPTEX includes a built-in Touchless Switch. When the door is closed, the sensor operates as a virtual door switch, activating the door only when someone approaches the door and presents a hand near the sticker. This eliminates unwanted activations due to cross traffic. When activated, the Air-Slide provides safety throughout the threshold area keeping the door open until all people have moved away. Provide a high level of safety while eliminating cross-contamination points in your customer's facility with Air-Slide from OPTEX.


Active Infrared Door Sensor with Built-in Touchless Switch

The OPTEX Air-Wave Touch-Free Door Switch provides reliable activation of Low Energy and Knowing-Act Doors without the need for direct contact by the user. Eliminate one of the main cross-contamination points near automatic doors, the push switch. At the same time, reduce installation cost and time by going wireless. Proprietary RF frequency and 2-year battery life make the Air-Wave the first choice for professional door distributors.